Areas of Speciality:

Performance Coaching ~ Career Coaching & Returning to Work~ Work / Life Balance~ Weight Loss / Health & Wellbeing~ Confidence Building ~ Stress & Anxiety Management ~ Conflict Management ~ Addictions & Bad Habits ~ Phobia cure ~ Transforming Negative Thinking ~ Business Performance


  • Alice S
     found every session of benefit, with a fun personable approach. I needed to move forward and away from my possible bad habits or habits that were keeping me stuck in the same situation within my working practice. I have learnet so much by careful questioning and anyone that works with Ivana I would guarantee that they will see fruitful results.
    Alice S
  • Emma J
    Ivana is just what you want in a coach. Patient, inspiring, insightful and most of all has a great sense of humour which makes every session even more enjoyable. Can’t wait for my next block to begin.
    Emma J
  •  Katie L
    Thank you for today. I thought I had exhausted all options but I can now see I hadn’t even begun to explore the possibilities ahead of me.
    Katie L

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Welcome to Better Results Coaching

Life isn’t a competition. We are all individual and good at different things. But it is healthy to strive to be the very best version of YOU that you can, in each and every area of your life. That’s why at Better Results Coaching we are focused on working collaboratively with you to ensure you reach your full potential.

We use state-of-the-art coaching techniques based on the latest neuroscience research to create positive change in your life. By always looking and moving forward and challenging some of the beliefs that may be holding you back, together we can create better results, every time.

Any of these changes starts with one thing – YOU!

Personal and business coaching is an interactive method that is designed to help individuals to develop rapidly, with the focus on improving performance or behavior.

Performance coaching provides a focus for achieving both personal and career aspirations, be it:

  • Personal development, often growth-orientated where the emphasis is on accelerating the learning curve and achieving one’s aspirations

  • Career transition which is often change-orientated, with the emphasis on supplementing and refocusing skills in the workplace

The coaching relationship moves the client forward towards an increased awareness of new choices. The coach encourages the client to develop more behavioral flexibility, to try the unfamiliar, to venture into new territory at their own pace. This will improve personal and individual performance, which then impacts positively on work contribution.

A specialist enables a client to grow beyond their own self-imposed boundaries. Goals are often constrained by fear of failure, of success, of risk or even of change itself. This is where a coach can help by providing a safe and supportive environment that enables individuals to truly develop. You learn that your fears are not protecting you – in fact, they can hinder your development.

Coaching helps push beyond your doubts and enables you to grow to become what you aspire to.